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 Symplicity Biography

With their eclectic backgrounds in music, Jo Braithwaite and Jodi Taylor merge as one, to offer an experience with music that is pleasurable for all to enjoy.  Both Jodi and Jo were previously with the band, SOMETHING FROM NOTHING, performing in local venues. But after 2 years, they felt it was time to start something different for themselves. Together, they have a combined experience performing of over ten years. SYMPLICITY is a project that both ladies take very seriously and are very excited to share with the public.

  Jodi has always had an appreciation for music. When she was younger, she had some direction on the piano. She found her angelic singing voice while performing in school musicals, as well as while being a member of her school’s choir and her church’s music program. Jodi has written her own material in the past, and is looking forward to creating more songs that the listener can relate to. Jo’s interest in music started when she was a child. She found direction in music while participating in her high school’s choir. Jo didn’t realize her singing voice was so versatile until she graduated from high school. It was about this time that she picked up the guitar and taught herself how to play. Jo has a natural talent for writing songs that touch the heart and the mind. Alex Greenberg, with Pennsylvania Musician’s Magazine writes, “This two-woman acoustic partnership has been playing central PA scene for some time, carrying the banner for accessible melodic folk rock that combines Jo's informed, confident and driving guitar work with Taylor's sweet, clear harmonic and lead vocal work. Braithwaite's voice has got to be one of the best kept secrets in homegrown music around: warm, smoky, and resonant, it is able to convey strong emotions without ever getting thin or brassy and dramatic.”

  Influences include: The Indigo Girls, Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Beth Hart, Alanis Morrisette, James Taylor, Garth Brookes, Madonna, and the list goes on. These ladies have a diverse taste in music, which they have learned from and which they call upon, to offer a pleasing performance. Both Jodi and Jo have a desire to perform music that leaves an impression with the listener.  

 SYMPLICITY self-released their first CD, “Worth the Wait”, in February 2003. They were also selected to showcase for the 7th Annual Millenium Music Conference in 2003. The original song titled “Mama,” was selected and placed on the Oasis Cd Manufacturing Compilation Acoustic Cd set, and was sent to radio stations across the United States and Canada. SYMPLICITY is very excited about performing frequently in the area.