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"Worth the Wait" copyright 2003                                                                                                               CLICK HERE TO BUY


Produced by: Jo Braithwaite, Jodi Taylor, and Marshall Deasy      Recorded at:  Stress Free Studios; Mechanicsburg , PA 17055

Art Direction: Christopher Hann;

Photography: Ami Crouse and Edward R. Crouse  

All lyrics and music copyright 2002 by Jo Braithwaite, except for “You Are” lyrics by Jodi Taylor, music by Jo Braithwaite, copyright 2002. “Is It Over” written by Jo Braithwaite and Chris Hann, “Take a Step Back” written by Jo Braithwaite and Ed Crouse.


 1. Glasshouses (5:09)

 2. You Are (4:26)

 3. Beauty Runs Free (4:49)

 4. Take a Step Back (4:38)

 5. It's Gonna Take More Than That (3:29)

 6. With Me (4:15)

 7. Mama (4:12)

 8. Million Miles (2:33)

 9. Sweet Angel (3:59)

10. Is It Over (1:55)