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"Worth the Wait", Symplicity's CD, is now available!

November 2, 2003  

Wow! Welcome to Fall, and a new beginning for Symplicity! A lot of good stuff has happened over the summer. The first of the good news being that Jodi has decided to come back and join Symplicity. It’s good to have her back, and you can look forward to seeing us both out and about performing. The second piece of good news is “Mama”, a track off the Symplicity cd Worth the Wait, has found its way onto the Oasis compilation cd, and was sent to radio stations across the United States and Canada . If that isn’t good news, I’m not sure what is ;o)

 Anyway, we’ll be playing a few gigs around the area, so check out the calendar, and come on out and join us. On October 17, 2003 , we performed at the Marysville Tavern, and what an incredible show!! The place was so packed, the people were smilin’, and the music was incredible! We’ll be returning there again soon, so hopefully you can bring some friends, and come on out and join us.

That’s all for now! Take care, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the leaves changing!!

Thanks for supporting live music!

 Jo Braithwaite and Jodi Taylor


June 7, 2003

Hey Folks! Are you as tired of the rain as I am? Here in Central Pennsylvania, the last 8 out of 10 weekends have had significant rainfall. I am so tired of the gray, overcast, clouds. If anyone sees the sun, let me know so I can catch a glimpse, okay? 


After much consideration, I have decided to take the Symplicity project forward by rebuilding. So with that note, I am looking to fill the following positions:


Wanted: Female guitarist, percussionist, and bassist. Vocals are a plus. Any skill level welcome to apply. If you've got the drive to succeed, you will. No Hobbyists please! I am searching for dedicated people who want to make music for a living and have fun doing it. If interested, or if you have any questions, please click here for my contact information.


In the mean time, I'll be performing at a couple of summer parties. The first coming up on June 28, 2003. It's called Loozapalooza. Click here to head on over to their website for more information. In July, I'll be performing at the Garden Party, hosted by Rob Yost and Michele Rodgers. Both of these parties last all weekend, with lots of great music and food. If you're interested in attending, please send me an email, and I'll see what I can do.


That's all for now! Until next time, take it easy, and Stay Dry!!!!


Jo Braithwaite



May 13, 2003  

Well folks, there is no easy way to say this. Due to personal reasons, Jodi has decided to leave Symplicity. Her talent and contributions to Symplicity will be missed tremendously. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Jodi well in any of her future endeavors, both musically and personally. She is one of my “bestest” friends above all, and I will truly miss her on stage! If you would like to wish Jodi well, please click here to leave her a message. I’m not quite sure what may be next for Symplicity. But, there is some good news out of all this…the Symplicity CD, “Worth the Wait” is still available. If you haven’t already picked up a copy, you can purchase a copy from this website today. That’s all the news there is for now, and I think it’s plenty.     

Take Care, and Happy Spring!!

 Jo Braithwaite and Jodi Taylor



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